TYFU is a podcast featuring candid and comical discussions about the challenges and joys of running small businesses.

Episode 24: A Rockefeller Situatiion

After talking about disasters in Episode 20, Beth and Marilla thought it might be good to talk a little about insurance. Tom Burrall of Geneva's C.S. Burrall & Son, Inc. was happy to come in. All three come from business owning families, and that made for an interesting conversation about the ups and downs of growing up in small businesses.

Episode 23: Good Luck Sleeping at Night

Is it pricier to shop small businesses than big box stores? Marilla recently posted a video comparing prices for spices. Her's are a great buy, and she has the receipts to prove it! This week, Beth and Marilla talk about the perceptions and realities of pricing in small businesses.

Episode 22: Crushing Potential for Failure

You are the face of your small business. But, is that who you REALLY are? It’s all fun and games until you realize perhaps your identity is getting absorbed by your very own baby business. In this episode Beth and Marilla explore how much your identity and self-worth are wrapped up in your small business.

Episode 21: The Ick Factor

Gentle listener, it has not escaped the notice of TYFU that we are sometimes witness to behaviors that are contrary to common courtesy. This week, Beth and Marilla address what Ms. Judith Martin calls "the language and currency of civility." Etiquette.

Episode 20: Molly Whopped

Remember when we talked about the back room being on fire? That's not always a metaphor. This week, Beth and Marilla welcome Anorah co-owner Shawna Shell to talk about the unexpected things that happen to a business that rise to scale of disasters. And, this week's 5-Star review calls for a field trip!

Episode 19: You Look Great in That Hat

So. You're a small business owner. Except you're much more than that. Every day, you have to take on roles you never imagined when you decided to open your own business. In this episode, Beth and Marilla consider the many hats small business owners have to wear. Some fit better than others!

Episode 18: Two Hypocrites Having Tea

'Tis better to give than to receive and Beth and Marilla receive lots of opportunities to give. In this episode, we talk about donations. It's not as simple as just writing a check to a good cause.

Episode 17: No Questions Asked

We may accept your return no questions asked, but we still sometimes have questions. This episode, Beth and Marilla discuss returning everything from shaving brushes to bananas and what returns mean to a small business owner.

Episode 16: The Whole Enchilada

A firm handshake? A warm hug? A quick peck on the cheek? Hold on there! This is a business! In this episode, Beth and Marilla explore the many ways a small business owner has to maintain boundaries. They also welcome special guest Debora Kraeger of Exquisite Wax & Tan who has lots of thoughts on the topic.

Episode 15: Where are the Peas?

When you open a small business you spend months, maybe even years, thinking about every conceivable detail of how that business is going to operate. Still, some customers and clients have a pretty good idea that you've forgotten something fundamental. In this episode, Beth and Marilla share some of their most... memorable... suggestions for operating their small businesses.

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