TYFU is a podcast featuring candid and comical discussions about the challenges and joys of running small businesses.

Episode 16: The Whole Enchilada

A firm handshake? A warm hug? A quick peck on the cheek? Hold on there! This is a business! In this episode, Beth and Marilla explore the many ways a small business owner has to maintain boundaries. They also welcome special guest Debora Kraeger of Exquisite Wax & Tan who has lots of thoughts on the topic.

Episode 15: Where are the Peas?

When you open a small business you spend months, maybe even years, thinking about every conceivable detail of how that business is going to operate. Still, some customers and clients have a pretty good idea that you've forgotten something fundamental. In this episode, Beth and Marilla share some of their most... memorable... suggestions for operating their small businesses.

Episode 14: Don't Be Batman

We're back! The holidays are behind us, and now that we've had a little time to breathe we're ready for a new season of TYFU. This episode, Beth and Marilla welcome one of our favorite neighbors (and a previous 5-star review recipient), Yvette from Earthly Possessions, for a talk about true crime in retail.

Episode 13: Smacks of the Holidays

Building a small business may be a marathon, not a sprint. But, for retailers the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a marathon AND a sprint. In this episode, Beth and Marilla talk about what's coming both for their businesses and the podcast including an announcement about how you can show your love for TYFU.

Episode 12: Buy Me a Drink First

You know how you're not supposed to talk about politics in polite company?
Well, small business isn't always polite and neither is TYFU.
As we approach election day, Beth and Marilla talk about navigating politics in the workplace where so many customers are ready to share their opinions.

Episode 11: The Stuff of Nightmares

Our annual Halloween show.
A TYFU tradition since Episode 11.
Beth and Marilla trade true stories of retail nightmares including an unexpected twist around the grand opening of Marilla's Mindful Supplies Rochester location. Plus, our friend Kevin Dunn stops by with a really spooky tale!

Episode 10: Your Gravy Moment

"The customer is always right."
-- Marshall Field, attributed to (among others)
"Hold my beer."
-- Beth and Marilla, depending on the day
The topic has been widely suggested and requested. In this episode, Beth and Marilla and their guest Carley Pulford of Zefiro compare notes.

Episode 9: Edit! Edit Edit!

Episode 8: Spoiled Little Princess

Episode 7: Joyride Bender

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